Rail Safety Week 2015

Rail Safety Week is an annual Canadian and US wide initiative where rail operators and other organizations across the states come together to raise awareness about rail safety and encourage safe behavior around trains and tracks. Educating people through Operation Lifesavers rail safety programs will be critical to keeping them safe around increasing numbers of trains, railroad-rights-of-way and rail property. In partnership with rail safety advocates in the railroad industry and at federal, state and local governments, Operation Lifesaver is dedicated to answering rising rail transportation demands with an equally powerful commitment using education to keep people safe around railroad-rights-of-way. At Operation Lifesaver, they believe that through the 3 Es education, enforcement and engineering we can successfully join other rail safety partners to address these challenges, making communities with tracks and railroad property safer, reducing collision incidents and decreasing the likelihood of injuries and fatalities. #RSW2015 Read Entire Article: http://oli.org/rail-safety

About Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver are dedicated railroaders and citizens, aiming to save lives by educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding rail property and trains. Operation Lifesaver is a partnership initiative of the Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada and works in cooperation with the rail industry, government, police, unions, and many public organizations and community groups. http://www.operationlifesaver.ca/