Reusing Materials at Local Demolition Sites

A concrete crusher grinds concrete from the Talon complex demolition site to be re-purposed as fill throughout the site.

At Lincoln Recycling, the steel is separated based on size and composition of the steel alloys and then shipped out to manufacturers and steel mills in Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley, according to Andrew Lincoln, owner. Lincoln Recycling will also handle this steel, but for this demolition, they will also be responsible for the concrete from the parking garage. While the concrete from the Talon properties is being used on-site, the concrete from the parking garage will be given to Lincoln, which will turn it into aggregate for use elsewhere. In addition to recycling the steel and concrete, the glass found at the parking garage was given to the Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County for reuse. Mark Turner, executive director of the Progress Alliance, said that the reuse will save the Progress Alliance between $20,000 and $30,000 over the long-term by recycling the glass and aluminum framing. While there are no specific plans in place for what the glass will be reused for, Turner said that the glass will likely be used as internal partitions given that it is single-paned glass rather than thermal, insulating glass. Read entire article: