Safety Stand-Down Day 2015

To further strengthen the industry’s commitment to safety, ISRI created the Circle of Safety Excellence . It was established for companies that are willing to share safety data and best practices for the betterment of their own safety operation and that of the industry. Now, during National Safety Month, we are asking ISRI members and all others in the recycling industry to reaffirm safety as our number one core value by participating in Safety Stand-Down Day on June 24. We urge each of our member companies to shut down operations for at least one hour on every shift that day to engage in safety awareness training. The training can take any form you wish, from employee training to a management walk-around, or any other effective safety training method you are comfortable with. The ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day website provides abundant information that you can use to support your Safety Stand-Down Day activities, from inspection checklists and training outlines to safety videos. Learn more at