Steel Safety Day

Nothing is more important than the safety and health of people who work in the steel industry.

Protecting the safety and health of everyone who works in or around the steel industry is of vital importance to all our members. The duty of care and social responsibility demands that everyone is able to work in a safe and healthy work environment. The World Steel Association (worldsteel) provides up- to- date guidance, data, processes and procedures freely available to members to help the steel industry deliver on its key mission to eliminate accidents and manage working environments with the highest standards of safety and health conditions.

Established in 2014, Steel Safety Day was set up to reinforce awareness of the top five causes of serious incidents and to create a safer working environment across the entire global steel industry. By focusing on the five causes – moving machinery, falling from heights, falling objects, gas & asphyxiation, and overhead cranes – worldsteel intends to set up a continuous improvement process. Steel Safety Day takes place on 28 April every year and is aligned with the International Labour Organisation’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Ahead of the safety day, worldsteel requests all its members to carry out a safety audit.

The most common causes of safety incidents and preventative measures have been identified as follows:

Moving machinery – Isolate, lock or pin all energy sources before any machinery is accessed.

Falling from height – Provide regular training, appropriate harnessing equipment and ensure checks are in place when working at height.

Falling objects – Ensure regular checks are in place to remove or secure objects in risk areas.

Asphyxiation or gassing – Install sensors to test atmospheric conditions and provide training on evacuation plans in order to reduce risks of dangerous gases.

Cranes – Carry out daily checks before a crane is used to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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