Demolition work can take you to some interesting sites. You could find yourself taking down a tall building in the middle of nowhere; on the other hand, you could wind up very delicately demolishing a structure while leaving its close neighbors untouched. Either way, demolition calls for the removal of scrap metals for recycling, and you’ll want to turn to a scrap yard magnet for lifting this metal up and out of the way for further sorting. But not every electromagnet is suited for every job. Fortunately, when the conditions preclude a traditional electromagnet, you can turn to a battery-powered model to do the job. Here are some of the advantages of using a battery-powered scrap handling magnet on your next tough site.

No Reliance on a Power Source

Electromagnets, as the name indicates, get their lifting power from the introduction of an electric current—when the power is switched off, the current is gone, and the electromagnet loses its strength. When you can’t access a power source on the job, such as when a generator is already in use, all the lifting power in the world doesn’t do your magnet much good. Enter a battery-powered alternative. By containing its power source within the unit, you don’t have to worry about who else called dibs on the generator. This means getting the job done faster—something workers and clients can both enjoy.

Big Power in a Small Package

To be sure, electromagnets that rely on an external power source do some heavy lifting. However, standard-issue electromagnets can get a little unwieldy at times, which makes them ill-suited for demolition tasks that perhaps require a nimbler touch. Battery-powered magnets, even accounting for a self-contained power source, are often more compact than their electrically powered counterparts, making them easier to manipulate.

Unmatched Portability

Not only can traditionally-powered electromagnets be hard to control on a worksite, but sometimes, it’s a pain to get them to the site in the first place. One of the biggest advantages of using a battery-powered scrap handling magnet is that you can take them anywhere with ease. Pounds add up when it comes to transferring equipment to the job site, and the less you can carry, the more you can save on fuel costs—a hidden cost of demolition work that really adds up in the long run. 24v  battery scrap  yard magnets from Moley Magnetics are portable, powerful, and affordably priced, making them a quick, easy, and valuable addition to your demolition arsenal.