Traditional electromagnets are usually enough to do the heavy lifting at a scrap yard, construction site, or demolition site. In special cases, however, you may find that you need special equipment. A fully enclosed hydraulic magnet is a variation on the electromagnet that uses hydraulic flow to power itself without the use of an outside power source. By familiarizing yourself with the applications of hydraulic magnets, you can decide whether these devices are something you need in your arsenal.

Close Quarters

Demolition requires more precision than the mental image of a wildly swinging wrecking ball may lead you to believe. Some jobs require an excavator to get into a fairly tight space and work within those constraints. When that’s the case, a fully enclosed hydraulic magnet is a preferable alternative. If you can’t connect your magnet to a generator while you’re working in a tight spot, then a magnet with an enclosed generator of its own is what you need. The hydraulics power the unit’s generator, which, in turn, powers the magnetic field that makes an electromagnet effective. This will allow you and your magnet to capture metals in a hard-to-reach space. From the cab of your excavator, you can easily control the magnet with a joystick or foot pedal, even if the cramped surroundings call for a slightly lighter touch.

Freeing up Your Fleet

Harvesting scrap from a site can be a big job, and big jobs require a lot of juice. If your generator is already in use, the self-contained generator of a fully enclosed hydraulic magnet allows you to keep working while your power flows elsewhere. The hydraulic flow independently powers the magnet, meaning there is one fewer piece of equipment you’ll need to power your job.

Calling for Backup

If your traditionally powered electromagnet should fail for any reason, a hydraulic magnet can step in and do the job just as well. Even outside of specialized situations, the applications of a hydraulic magnet can be the same as any other. Moley Magnetics keeps fully enclosed hydraulic magnets in stock to make sure your firm has all the tools it needs at its disposal, especially if some of those tools lose their punch.