Choosing the best magnet power source for your application

Power is required when it comes to the operation of magnets, and determining the right energy source for your specific application is important in operational success. Whether your work is railroad construction, railroad cleanup, scrap recycling, or demolition, the prerequisites for powering your operations can exhibit considerable diversity.

When exploring power source options such as a diesel magnet generator, hydraulic magnet generator or a fully enclosed hydraulic magnet, these options can be tailored to meet varying demands. Among these, a diesel generator is noted for its exceptional fuel efficiency and established legacy within the industry. These systems, though robust and dependable, often boast larger physical footprints compared to their hydraulic counterparts and include their dedicated engines, which contribute to their long-lasting reputation.

In contrast, the hydraulic magnet generator option is a more compact alternative, characterized by its condensed stature and ingenious utilization of the Power Take Off (PTO) mechanism. By leveraging the PTO on the host apparatus to which it’s installed, this generator foregoes the need for an independent engine, illustrating efficiency and allowing many options for installation.

Meanwhile, the fully enclosed hydraulic magnet epitomizes innovation by combining the magnet and generator systems into a single unit. Enclosed by a lid, the generator and its associated components are seamlessly integrated, giving operators a compact, streamlined solution that epitomizes efficiency and convenience including the fact that a dedicated machine is not required, and it can be easily transported from site to site.

There are many options and navigating the landscape to identify the most fitting power source for your specific needs may pose some planning and consideration of your needs. Should uncertainty cloud your decision-making process, our seasoned professionals are ready to offer guidance and support. With an unwavering commitment to facilitating informed decisions, Moley Magnetics is dedicated to assisting you in selecting a power source that complements seamlessly with your operational requirements.

Power lies at the core of magnet operation, and the mission to identify the best energy source is a mission full of significance. Whether it’s the tried-and-tested diesel generator, the agile hydraulic magnet generator, or the innovative fully enclosed hydraulic magnet, each option gives its unique advantages, promising flexibility and efficiency in equal measure.


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