There are several pieces of equipment a scrap yard needs to be successful, but there’s no question that a copper wire granulator is one of them. Copper wire is not only easy to work with, but it’s also a valuable piece of metal to scrap. But how do you know which granulator to get? Continue reading for some tips for choosing the right copper wire granulator.

Identify the types of wires

We know that we’re recycling copper wires; however, what type of copper wires are they? Will you primarily scrap thin, thick, or a mixture of copper wires? It’s important to know which cables the scrap yard primarily works with because some granulators can only handle thin wires that are straight. On the other hand, some granulators can handle any type of wires, even if the wires are tangled. Still, it’s best to untangle them if you can, as straight wires will pass through the machine much easier.

Estimate how much use the granulator will experience

Every scrap yard runs different levels of production, so before choosing a granulator, you should have an idea of your scrap yard’s capacity. For example, if a scrap yard is running through approximately 500 pounds per hour, you might only need a standard grade granulator. However, if it’s running, say 2000 pounds per hour, it will need a heavier duty granulator.

Quality of the manufacturer

With copper wire being in high demand almost always, scrap yards need a high-quality granulator that’s reliable. While there are plenty of granulators to choose from on the market, that doesn’t mean they’re all good. You should research the manufacturer before you choose to purchase a new granulator.

By now you know how to choose the right copper wire granulator for your scrap yard. Whether you’re a new scrap yard or you’ve been in the business for decades, you’ll need a reliable granulator.

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