Scrap Lifting magnets are vital to several industries including scrap yards and metal recycling, truck building, and manufacturing. While lifting magnets are strong and durable, there are some factors to consider to ensure your  excavator magnet is right for your application. If you’d like to learn more, our experts discuss several tips for choosing the right lifting magnet system in our guide below.

Know what and how much you’re lifting

As with any lifting operation, you must know the material you’re lifting. The material alone determines factors such as the number of magnets you’ll need and the magnet’s size. In most scenarios, a single magnet will do the job with ease, but there are times where an additional magnet would be wise. Such scenarios include lifting an extremely heavy material, or if you’re concerned you’re maxing out the magnet’s lifting capability.

Additionally, you must know how much you’re lifting––that is, the weight of the material. Identify your safe working load and stick to it. One of the many factors that goes into the weight of your material is its thickness. The item’s thickness will determine if your magnet can safely lift the material with a strong hold.

Decide if you want a permanent magnet or electromagnet

While you can’t go wrong with a permanent magnet or electromagnet, there are some benefits to both. Most notably, an electromagnet requires a power source, but you have the option to deactivate the magnet. On the other hand, a permanent magnet is always activated and doesn’t require a power source. In addition, electromagnets are often stronger than permanent magnets because they have the power source driving the energy.

Having the right magnet for your lift is the difference between a successful lift and an accident. While every lifting scenario is different, these tips for choosing the right lifting magnet system apply to every application. Furthermore, you must ensure you’re using high-quality magnets and your magnets are in good shape.

Whether you need new lifting magnets or a lifting magnet repair, Moley Magnetics is your one stop shop. Our family-owned business takes pride in offering only the highest-quality magnets available because we want to see your business succeed. If you have questions or you’d like to request pricing, contact our team today; we’d be happy to help.