Industrial shredders are common in several industries, but most notably scrap and recycling yards. While there are several variations of shredders including single shafts, two shafts, and up to four shafts. Each has its own advantages. If you’re searching for more information, our experts discuss the two-shaft shredders vs. four-shaft shredders in a comprehensive guide below.

Two-shaft shredder

The shafts in a shredder essentially determine the materials you can granulate using that shredder. In most scenarios, a single- or two-shaft shredder will be sufficient. Two-shaft shredders have two rotating cutting disks. This type of shredder is often used for applications such as composting and breaking down metal, tires, plastics, and more. An important factor to consider when choosing a shredder is the desired particle size. Two-shaft shredders are not ideal for scenarios where you need a very small, almost fine particle. On the other hand, if you merely need to compress the size of a material, a two-shaft shredder will suffice.

Four-shaft shredder

If you need to compress and completely destroy a material, a four-shaft shredder is best for you. Since there are double the rotating cutters in a four-shaft shredder, you can expect materials to be broken down even further. Four-shaft shredders are common for facilities that need to destroy sensitive information such as electronics and hard drives. In other words, unless you need to granulate materials to small particles or destroy electronics, you probably don’t need a four-shaft shredder.

As we can see when comparing two-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders, the majority of applications will only need a single- or two-shaft shredder. Every recycling facility should have at least one shredder. You’re going to operate much more efficiently, which will allow you to offer faster turnarounds for customers.

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