Jobsite Communication | 5 reasons why the old two-way radio is better than a smartphone.

Many jobsites across the country have embraced smartphones as they have made contractors and construction workers more capable in the field than ever thanks to the ever-growing number of apps available.

However, a smartphone may not be your best option if direct communication on the jobsite is your top priority. The better choice, suggested by Motorola, are two-way radios.

Two-way radios allow the construction industry to stay connected when seconds count, using technologies designed to keep you in touch. Two-way radios and accessories reliably connect construction workers, leaders and managers, engineer employees in the office or off-site, and demolition crews wherever they roam.

A few benefits of using two-way radios instead of smartphones include:

1.  Service during emergencies
Cell service towers and landlines may fail during an emergency or disaster. However, two-way radios will continue to work during those situations. Additionally, all workers can be contacted at once, as opposed to dialing individual phone numbers via phone.

2. Lightweight durability
Two-way radios are designed to be lightweight and long-lasting. While some phones may require a protective case for use on the jobsite, two-way radios are often built to military and IP specifications, so they are less likely to crack or break when dropped. They are also designed with long battery life, with many models able to continue operating for 12-26 hours.

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