The metal recycling industry is among the most important industries for the economy and also for the environment. By recycling metals, these companies play a large role in reducing greenhouse gases and energy use. Economically, the metal recycling industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers and helps in producing some of the largest earnings for the country’s GDP. Though metal recycling companies may recycle any type of metal, some types are more sought-after than others. Continue reading to learn the types of metals most commonly recycled.


Though all the mentioned metals in this blog are valuable in the industry, steel is arguably the most recycled metal of them all. The reason steel is so common is because of its versatility and the sheer volume of its presence in commerce. Manufacturers use steel to build cars, parts for trains, appliances, tools, and more. Furthermore, steel is among the most common metals that recyclers prefer because of its ease in removing impurities with an industrial magnet.


Most, if not all, metal recycling facilities have copper wire granulators on-site because copper wire is among the most valuable metals to currently recycle. Copper is valuable for several reasons. First, copper is one of the oldest metals and is present in plumbing and electrical work throughout most homes. Furthermore, recycling copper is much more energy efficient than manufacturing new copper. Thus, to many manufacturers, the benefit of reducing energy costs is valuable, so that drives up demand and the overall value of copper.


When the average person thinks of aluminum, they probably picture the can that their favorite beverage comes in. However, aluminum is also a common metal for car parts and household accessories such as gutters and door hardware. Though aluminum isn’t the most valuable metal on this list, the process of recycling aluminum is much faster than that of many other metals.

Cast iron and wrought iron

Metal recyclers tend to look for heavier metals such as iron, specifically cast iron and wrought iron. Though iron was considered one of the best metals for fences, household heating, and more, nowadays iron has been mostly replaced by less corrosive materials like steel. That said, iron is still a valuable metal because it’s relatively easy to melt and apply to other applications, such as steel manufacturing.

All in all, there are dozens of different metals that recyclers will gladly take; however, these are the most common types of metals that are recycled. That said, all this metal recycling can become cumbersome and difficult to manage. That’s why metal recycling companies have invested in high-quality equipment such as hydraulic magnets and heavy machinery to make their recycling processes more efficient.

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