Most industrial companies like scrap yards, manufacturing, and crane manufacturers are familiar with magnets because they use them daily. Although, like many other industries, industrial companies also search for innovation. Luckily, you’re no longer restricted to permanent or electromagnets; you can also use fully enclosed hydraulic magnets. If you’d like to learn a general understanding of how a hydraulic magnet works, we’ve got you covered in the following guide.

The General Components of a Hydraulic Magnet

As with any other hydraulic piece of equipment, the fully enclosed hydraulic magnet will have a generator, hoses, and a pump. The reason so many people stray away from hydraulic magnets is they fear they’re difficult to use or attach to their equipment. While the ease of use is a reasonable concern, not all hydraulic magnets are created equal.

Our hydraulic magnet easily attaches with only two hydraulic hoses and the lifting chain. Additionally, the magnet operator will find that our magnets are very easy to use for two reasons. First, the hydraulic flow can come from an auxiliary line or bucket circuit. Second, you can control the magnet with a foot pedal, joystick, or a switch in your heavy equipment’s cab.

Pairing the Magnet With the Appropriate Heavy Equipment

Most companies will attach the hydraulic magnet to an excavator or skid steer. You should contact the supplier about the magnet’s specifications before ordering a hydraulic magnet to ensure your equipment has the appropriate hydraulic flow rating. If your equipment doesn’t supply the appropriate hydraulic flow, then you’ll burn through fuel and potentially damage the motor.

So how does a hydraulic magnet work? It’s essentially as easy as flipping a switch, so long as your equipment has the appropriate specifications. Many companies benefit from using a hydraulic magnet because they’re durable, strong, and easy to attach and remove. Your company needs to invest in quality attachments for the sake of longevity, reliability, and unsurpassed strength.

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