Usen Castle Demolition Could be Delayed

Usen Castle at Brandeis University is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Waltham Historical Commission will hold a meeting Monday to review plans by Brandeis University to tear down parts of the historic Usen Castle, and will discuss whether to impose a one-year demolition delay. The commission will consider a demolition delay because the castle is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered a building of historical significance. According to Massachusetts Historical Commission records, the castle was built in 1928 by John Hall Smith, founder of Middlesex College of Medicine and Surgery, which occupied the campus prior to Brandeis. According to the Brandeis website, most of the castle is slated for demolition, but two main towers described by university officials as the most iconic and visible parts of the castle will be retained as is, for now.

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About Usen Castle
Usen Castle and Schwartz Hall offer 120 sophomore students an eclectic style living option on campus with many breathtaking views of the Boston Skyline. The Castle is home to Cholmondeley’s, or Chum’s, Brandeis’s coffeehouse and late night snack bar. Learn More