Increase Profits. Recover More Material. SAVE MONEY.

Moley Magnetics has some very exciting products for you. Moley Magnetics is now the distributor for StokkerMill Granulators in the United States and Canada.  Some would say your business owning a StokkerMill granulator could become the most important fixed asset investment you’ll ever make due to its incredible fast R.O.I.! For more information visit our website:

Moley Magnetics will also be displaying a Claw Magnet. The Moley Claw Magnet reduces operating costs and improves the bottom line by offering a magnet that can sort with its teeth and then lift with the magnet. The Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet is quick coupler ready, and allows you to do the work of a grapple and magnet with just one tool!

Last but not least please come see our Waste Handling Mag Grapple.  This grapple will allow you to recover tons more ferrous from your waste stream by optimizing the task of picking and sorting while minimizing man and equipment hours needed for the job.