“Safety first.” Those two words are a mantra in heavy industry, helping us to prevent accidents from slips to fires. In warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and anywhere else you might find flammable, combustible, and electrified items, safety measures are enough to keep blazes at bay. When it comes to preventing fires, there’s one final safety measure present: the fire sprinkler system, which a facility will deploy in case of an emergency.

If your facility is already one that relies on pumping systems for its everyday operations, you should already understand why quality matters in pumps for fire protection. The same fundamental principles of a good pump should also apply to your emergency system. No matter what your operations entail, a strong and reliable pumping system for your fire sprinklers is necessary for any setting where you need to put out a fire swiftly.

Why Use a Fire Pump?

Buildings that are exceptional in their height or area can’t rely on the native water pressure that comes from the municipal water supply. Industrial facilities, whose ceiling heights can exceed 32 feet, often satisfy both exceptions. Traveling this extra distance across three dimensions diminishes the pressure that would be necessary for an effective sprinkler. By running that water supply through a motorized pump en route to the sprinkler heads, the water once again has the power behind it that it needs.

How Much Does Quality Matter?

How much do you value your goods, your equipment, and your workforce? No one plans for a fire to break out. In fact, we plan extensively to prevent them from breaking out. However, things can go awry. When the unthinkable happens, you need your fire sprinkler system to act as the ultimate failsafe. The costs of cutting corners on a fire pump can be incalculable.

What Makes a Quality Fire Protection Pump?

The specifications and proof of quality that define an ideal fire pump are vast, but two little letters can tell you a lot of what you need to know. Fire pumps that successfully pass the rigorous tests that show they’re fit to power sprinkler systems will bear the listing mark of Underwriters Laboratories, the world’s leading safety certification lab. That familiar encircled “UL” should appear alongside any pump you entrust to keeping your facility safe in case of fire.

Finding the Right Pump

Moley Magnetics understands why quality matters in pumps for fire protection. That’s why we’ve partnered with Peerless Pumps to provide high-quality systems to our customers. We offer UL-listed Peerless Pumps for sale to accommodate a variety of industrial applications, from handling slurries and volatile liquids to putting out fires. Think “safety first” with a pump that will last.