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Copper Wire Granulators Systems Price Request

Copper Wire Granulators Systems granulate copper or coils and aluminum which allow you to maximize profits. Copper Wire Granulators range from 250 to 2600 lb/hr. These products allow owners to easily add value and upgrade material. Our equipment is modular in nature therefore parts and pieces can be added to create higher product processing value.


STANDARD – Low to Medium Size Production

SM 1100 COMPACT - Copper Wire Granulators

• Models: SM 1100 Standard & PlusMoley Stokkermill Granulators-SM Series | SM 3000
• Standard insulated wires
• Production range of 170-550 lb/hr

  VIDEO: SM Series 1100 COMPACT (EF) Granulator

STANDARD – Mid to High Size Production

• Models: SM 5000 | SM 10000
• Standard insulated wires
• Production range of 550-1,750 lb/hr

3000 turbo - Copper Wire GranulatorsTURBO – Low to Medium Size Production (including fine wires)

• Models: 2000 Turbo | 3000 Turbo | 4000 TurboMoley Stokkermill Granulators- Turbo Series
• Increase productivity of a granulator mill by 20-30%
• Thin cables (i.e., data and telephonic cables, e-waste harness)
• Pre-shredded copper-aluminum coils and radiators
• Production range of 375-880 lb/hr

Copper Wire GranulatorsMULTI-FLEX – Large Production

• Models: M 60 | M 80 | M 100 | M 150Moley Stokkermill Granulators- Turbo Series
• Designed for granulating copper or aluminum wires and coils
• Sorting the metal from the insulation
• Composed of two parts; the first is the mill blades and the other is the turbo-separating sections
• Production range of 770-2,600 lb/hr

VIDEO: M 150 Granulator


PS SERIES  – Standard Size Pre-Shredder

PS-500• Models: PS-400/150 | PS-500/260R
• Models: PS-800/260R  | PS-800/380R | PS-1200/300RMoley Stokkermill Pre-Shredders
• Adjustable hydraulic ram
• Reduces wire & cables into a more useful size
• Used for crushing and cutting insulated wires
• Other Uses: rubber, plastics, wood, composites and paper

VIDEO: Pre-Shredders (PS-800/260R)

CSR SERIES – Medium to Large Production Pre-Shredder

• Models: CSR-900/400R | CSR-1300/400RMoley Stokkermill Pre-Shredders
• Single shaft, gearbox driven
• PLC controlled auto reversing rotor
• Interchangeable Screens
• Adjustable hydraluic ram
• Power supply with adjustable hydraulic presser
• Reversible and adjustable Rotar blades

TASMANIAN DEVIL – Large Production Pre-Shredder


• Model: TD-90Moley Stokkermill Pre-Shredders
• Extremely versatile
• Handles a wide range of materials
• The cutting chamber is easily accessible
• A safety system avoids rotor damages
• Suitable for processing tough materials such as tires, e-waste, electrical cables



CONVENERS & FEEDERS – Optimized Mill Feeding

• Two Models Available: FD-70 / FD-140Moley Stokkermill Pre-Shredders
• Improved production through constant feeding
• Reduces the energy consumption by eliminating peak loads
• Increases the life of the mill’s blades
• Avoids the overloading and blocking of the mill
• PLC and inverter control parameters




TABLES – Additional Sorting Option

VIBRATION SIEVES - Tables • Models: VT 3000 | VT 5000 | VT 15000Moley Stokkermill Vibrating Tables Screens
• Dry Separation
• Dust extraction system in a closed circuit
• Cyclone Filter
• Operating parameters adjustable by inverter drive
• Use alone or included in a production line
• Applications:

• Copper/aluminum insulated wires
• Light shredder residue (SLF / ASR)
• Wood Processing / Plastic


VIDEO: Separating Tables


VIBRATION SIEVES – Additional Collection via Waste

Vibrating Screens• Models: VB 600 | VB 900Moley Stokkermill Vibrating Tables Screens
• Recover granules or copper dust hidden in plastic
• Allow separation to achieve a pure product in 99%
• Reduces the amount of hidden copper in the waste stream
• Maximizes recovery rates



CROSS BELT MAGNETS – Removal of Ferrous Material
Moley Stokkermill Vibrating Tables Screens

MoleyCrossBeltMagnets• Easy Maintenance
• Operates under heavy–duty and continuous use.
• Drive Packages Available
• Use of magnet protects mill blades

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