The Stokkermill MULTI-FLEX copper wire granulators system is designed to thoroughly granulate and sort copper or aluminum cables. These powerful machines will allow you to maximize profits by efficiently reducing waste. Our selection of MULTI-FLEX copper wire granulators has production capabilities that range from 250 to 2600 lb/hr. These copper and aluminum granulators allow owners to easily add value and upgrade material. Our equipment is modular in nature therefore parts and pieces can be added to create higher product processing value.

  • Models: M 60 | M 80 | M 100 | M 150
  • Designed for granulating copper or aluminum wires and coils
  • Sorting the metal from the insulation
  • Composed of two parts; the first is the mill blades and the other is the turbo-separating sections
  • Production range of 770-2,600 lb/h

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