Copper Wire Granulator Systems

Moley Magnetics’s copper wire granulators are here to help you upgrade your material. Our copper wire granulators are powerful, fast and dependable. Our copper wire granulators are able to process up to 2,200 lbs. of wire per hour. We have entry level hand feed systems up to automated high volume systems.

  • Granulators: Mini systems to 1+ ton per hour wire granulators.
  • Pre-Shredders: Maximize the volume of wire processed and reduce the amount of wire prep.
  • Separating Tables: Separate two dissimilar items, copper from plastic, plastic from aluminum, etc.
  • Vibrating Sieves: Clean plastic fluff to remove last 1% of copper.
  • Feeders: Control the flow of wire from pre-shredder to granulator.
  • Conveyors and Magnets: Consistent feeding of shredders and granulators while filter out trap steel.
  • Primary Shredders: Reduce volume of material for secondary processing or transportation.
  • Strippers: Upgrade copper wire.


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