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ExcavatorScrapShearsWebMoley Excavator Scrap Shears have four turn blades for maximum cutting life, 15% increased force, strengthened cylinder with longer stroke and speed valve as well as super-reinforced totally closed upper body that protects the cylinder and prevents distortion.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. Excavator Scrap Shears add strength and dramatically increase processing time. The hardened piercing tip of the upper jaw maximizes productivity when piercing is required and the robust shear and knife design improves cutting performance.

Features & Benefits:
• Speed Valve improves cycle time by up to 50% compared to standard hydraulic systems.
• Dual Slide Pucks maintains blades tolerances by diminishing jaw deflection.
• Offset Jaw Apex improves shearing resulting from increased pressure.
• 360 Degree Rotation reduces processing time through improved manipulation of tool and material.
• Dual Guide Blades provide less jams and improved piercing due to dual shim-able guide blades.
• Over Sized Main Pin is over engineered for robust performance and long life.
• Bolt on Piercing Tip bolts on and is recessed into the jaw for easy, strong, positive fit.
• 4 Turn Reversible Blades allow for maximum return on the cost of blades.

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