Enhanced Rail Recycling with MBR20 Rail Breaker

From larger, more efficient blades to armoring and reinforcing the body of shear, the MBR20 Rail Breaker provides a more safe and efficient process of recycling rail. The MBR20 is made from high strength alloy construction for minimum weight and maximum durability.

The MBR20 is equipped with 360º rotation for precise movement and is made from high strength Hardox construction for maximum durability.

• 4 Turn Blades
• Hardox Body
• 360-degree rotation
• 23-ton or Larger Excavator

Product description

The MBR20 Rail Breaker takes rail recycling to new heights, thanks to its innovative upgrades. With larger, more efficient blades, the recycling process becomes faster and more effective. Additionally, the shear’s body is armored and reinforced to ensure safety while optimizing efficiency.

Built with high-strength alloy construction, the MBR20 excels in providing maximum durability without adding unnecessary weight. This construction choice guarantees that the shear can endure the toughest recycling tasks and perform reliably over time.

One of the standout features of the MBR20 is its impressive 360º rotation capability. This functionality allows for precise and controlled movement, ensuring operators can position the shear accurately for cutting operations. With this level of control, rail recycling becomes a more streamlined process.

The MBR20 Rail Breaker proudly boasts a Hardox body, contributing to its exceptional durability. Hardox, known for its high wear and abrasion resistance, adds to the shear’s overall strength and longevity. This means less maintenance and downtime, allowing you to focus on productive recycling activities.


Enhanced Rail Recycling with MBR20 Rail Breaker

  • Larger and More Efficient Blades
    • Boosting Rail Recycling Process
  • Armored and Reinforced Body
  • High Strength Alloy Construction
    • Minimum Weight, Maximum Durability
  • Precise 360º Rotation
    • Enhancing Movement Control
  • Made with Hardox for Maximum Durability
    • Ensuring Long-Lasting Performance

Let’s take a closer look at the key features that make the MBR20 Rail Breaker a top choice in the industry:

  1. 4 Turn Blades: Equipped with four turn blades, the MBR20 delivers efficient cutting performance. These blades can handle various rail sizes and materials, making it a versatile solution for rail recycling projects.
  2. Hardox Body: The MBR20’s Hardox body ensures it can withstand the rigors of rail recycling. It provides outstanding resistance to wear and impact, making the shear reliable even in the most demanding conditions.
  3. 360-Degree Rotation: With its 360º rotation capability, the MBR20 offers unmatched handling flexibility. Operators can effortlessly adjust the shear’s position, allowing for precise cuts and efficient rail handling.
  4. Ideal for 23-ton or Larger Excavators: The MBR20 is designed to be a perfect match for 23-ton or larger excavators. Its powerful performance complements the capabilities of these machines, resulting in a seamless and productive rail recycling process.

Perfect for 23-ton or Larger Excavators

The  MBR20 Rail Breaker is a game-changing solution for rail recycling. Its larger, more efficient blades and armored body enhance the recycling process’s safety and efficiency. With a high-strength alloy construction and Hardox body, it promises long-lasting durability. The 360º rotation and compatibility with 23-ton or larger excavators make the MBR20 a valuable addition to any rail recycling operation.

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