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Moley Magnetics offers the best deal, materials & warranty on Scrap & Demolition Grapples. Our grapples come with a 24-month warranty guarantee. We produce a broad range of grapple equipment particularly developed to limit the weight and space required to operate without diminishing the lifting and transport capacity required for heavy duty tasks while maintaining the highest of quality standards. Our Scrap Grapples are constructed with HARDOX and WELDOX certified steel, the rods are chromium-plated and hardened and the hinges are made of hardened steel alloys. All Blade tips are made of special wear-proof steel.

Excavator Orange Peel Grapples
Excavator/Crane Orange Peel Grapples• For all Types of Scrap Applications • Sizes from .16  – 2.6 cubic yards  • 4, 5 and 6 Tine Configurations
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Truck-Crane Grapples
Moley-Truck-Crane-Grapples• Boom Trucks & Mini Excavators • Sizes from .18 – .5 cu yards • 4, 5 and 6 Tine Configuration
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Material Handler Orange Peel Grapples
Material-Handler-Orange-Peel-Grapples• Various Jaws Available
• Fits on Knuckle Boom Cranes
• Various Tines Available
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Demolition Grapples
Moley-Demolition-Grapples• Built for the demands of Demolition
• Fits on 3 ton- 45 ton machine
• Various jaws/tines available
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Magnet Grapples 2-in-1
Magnet-Grapples-2-in-1• .5 yard – 1.3 yards
• Various Sizes 32” – 42”
• Maximum Clean Up 2-in-1 Tool
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MPM Rock Grapples

MPM Rock Grapples• 24-Month Warranty
• Mech. or Hyd. 360° Rotation
• Hardox Body & Tines
• 3 or 4 Tine Configuration
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