Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple

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Product description

Our Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple is built for maximum performance and output.

At Moley, we know that efficiency and time matter.  With that in mind, our Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple delivers performance in the areas that you need.  This grapple line was created as a result of years of experience in handling scrap and bulk materials, attention to customer needs, and technical solutions developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of self-propelled loaders. Our Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple series has a reinforced structure with pins and cylinders increased.  They’re designed for applications moving scrap, waste and loose materials and are used for all types of scrap applications – available with and without electromagnets – sizes from .59 to 3.25 cu yards– with or without rotation.

Specially engineered for this purpose, the Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple series makes it possible for loads to be moved effortlessly, quickly and precisely.  All our grapples come built with speed valves reducing opening and closing times to improve productivity, which help you get the job done in less time.

Moley Orange Peel Grapples are durable and long lasting because they are constructed with HARDOX certified steel, which is over 2.5 times more resistant to wear than standard steel. The rods are chromium-plated and hardened and the hinges are made of hardened steel alloys. The tips of the blades are made of special wear-proof steel.

Moley Material Handler Grapples are robust grapples built for the demands for your job at hand in scrap, demolition and recycling– with all sizes available to fit on small knuckle boom cranes from 17 tons up to an 80 ton machine, various jaws/tines available with bolt on replaceable teeth.

Not only does our orange peel grapple perform well, it is backed by a depth of industry experience and post-sale support including: a spare parts kit included with purchase, straightforward parts replacement options and a large inventory of parts on hand, Moley will get you up and running fast and keep you on the job!

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Material Handler Orange Peel Grapple

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