Butt Style Tie Grapples

The Moley Railroad Butt Style Tie Grapples move ties and/or position pre-fabricated pieces of rail while building/servicing railroads. These grapples also are also used to move loose pieces of tracks.

• 24-Month Warranty
• Hardened Shaft
• Wear Resistant Blade
• Safety Holding Valve
• Hardox 400 Construction
• 360° Rotation Available

Product description

Introducing the highly efficient Moley Railroad Butt Style Tie Grapples, designed to move ties and position pre-fabricated rail pieces with ease during railroad construction and maintenance. These grapples boast exceptional capabilities in handling loose track pieces, streamlining railway operations.

Rest assured with Moley’s 24-Month Warranty, a testament to the grapples’ top-notch quality and unwavering performance. The grapples’ hardened shaft guarantees durability, while the wear-resistant blade ensures prolonged use even under the most demanding conditions.

Safety remains paramount, thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of a safety holding valve, preventing accidental drops and ensuring secure operations. Constructed with Hardox 400, these grapples exhibit unparalleled robustness, rendering them perfect for the rigors of railway applications.

For added convenience and enhanced maneuverability, consider the optional 360° rotation feature, empowering operators to handle tasks with precision and ease.

Put your trust in Moley’s Railroad Butt Style Tie Grapples for reliable and versatile material handling, revolutionizing the way railroads are built and serviced. With Moley’s cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, these grapples are primed to exceed expectations and elevate your railway operations to new heights.


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