Efficient Railroad Bypass Grapples for Reliable Material Handling

Selecting the material from a stack will no longer be a problem because Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples have the option between a straight blade or trowel, are entirely built with special high-strength steel, and are applicable to any machinery.

• 24-Month Warranty
• Hardened Shaft
• Wear Resistant Blade
• Safety Holding Valve
• Hardox 400 Construction
• 360° Rotation Available

Product description

Selecting material from a stack becomes effortless with Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples. There are  two blade options – a straight blade and a trowel – providing versatility for various applications. Built with special high-strength steel, these grapples ensure exceptional durability and reliability. Furthermore, they are compatible with a wide range of machinery, making them adaptable to different setups.

You can trust the quality and performance of Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples, backed by a solid 24-month warranty. This warranty period provides peace of mind, knowing that Moley stands behind the product’s performance and craftsmanship.

The grapples feature a hardened shaft, adding an extra layer of robustness to their construction. This feature enhances their longevity and resistance to wear, even in challenging working conditions.

Efficiency and productivity are further optimized with the inclusion of a wear-resistant blade. The blade’s resilience allows it to handle tough materials without losing its edge, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods.

Safety is a top priority with Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples, as evidenced by the incorporation of a safety holding valve. This valve ensures a secure grip on the material during operations, preventing accidental drops and potential hazards.

The grapples’ construction is reinforced with Hardox 400, a high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel. This premium material choice guarantees exceptional durability, making the grapples suitable for demanding applications in the railway industry.

For added convenience, Moley offers an optional 360° rotation feature for these tie grapples. This feature allows for seamless maneuverability, enabling operators to access hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.

Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples provide a reliable and efficient solution for material handling in railway applications. Their choice between a straight blade or trowel, use of high-strength steel, and compatibility with various machinery make them a versatile choice for multiple tasks.

With a 24-month warranty, customers can trust in the grapples’ quality and performance. The hardened shaft and wear-resistant blade ensure long-lasting durability, while the safety holding valve adds an extra layer of security during operations.

Constructed with Hardox 400, these grapples are built to withstand rigorous use in challenging environments. The optional 360° rotation feature further enhances their usability, making them a valuable addition to any railway maintenance or construction setup. Choose Moley Railroad Bypass Tie Grapples for a seamless and reliable material handling experience.


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