In the scrap metal and demolition fields, you can’t go far without a full complement of equipment for lifting, sorting, cutting, crushing, and more. Over time, the hard work of handling metal means this equipment can become prone to failure, which can be hazardous to operators. Today, we’ll examine the importance of conducting regular equipment safety checks in your industrial facility and why this is worth the time and energy.

Keep the Workforce Safe

The importance of this issue begins with the people who operate your equipment. Keeping your facility safe helps keep them safe. Injuries in the workplace are highly undesirable but fortunately quite avoidable in many cases. A worker injury due to undetected unsafe equipment is double-trouble. Not only is the piece of machinery out of commission, but the hurt employee can’t perform their tasks as well.

Reduce Liability

Looking out for labor isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do, too. If a serious workplace injury should get OSHA involved, investigations into your workplace safety practices need to reveal due diligence on your part. If investigators find that you let workers operate unsafe equipment, you and your company could face significant repercussions. The importance of conducting regular equipment safety checks comes into play here because you should be able to match a time and place with any equipment problem. The responsibility for what went wrong lies entirely with the company if you don’t document the details regarding equipment damage.

Don’t Do More Damage

Have you ever needed to tie your shoe but figured it could wait? Rather than fixing the problem, you tried to get by, only for your shoe to start flopping off. In this way, you might have damaged your joints and your shoe, and finally, tripped over that shoelace. The same principle holds true when it comes to managing industrial equipment. You’re better off making repairs as soon as possible rather than putting them off and risking significant damage to components. By performing scheduled checks, you’ll catch issues and preempt the damage you could have otherwise done by not spotting issues.

Spend Money Wisely

When you regularly assess your equipment for flaws or hazards, your diligence pays off in many ways. Magnets, shears, excavators, and other big-ticket tools that go out of service can leave your fleet shorthanded while workers stand around doing nothing. That’s good for them but bad for you. Routine checks can give you a better idea of when to repair or replace equipment that wears out. For instance, shears, which do the hard work of cutting scrap metal down, can wear out and become unsafe over time. Moley Magnetics offers excavator shears for sale to make inevitable replacements prompt and affordable, keeping workers safe and your facility running.  See our products on YouTube.