Recycling scrap metal isn’t as simple as saying goodbye and tossing it in the recycling bin. First, you’ll have to sort out the various metal types to ease the process. As you do this, it’s best to note the common mistakes to avoid when sorting your scrap metal. By keeping yourself and your employees aware, scrapping metals becomes much more manageable.

Failing To Understand the Values of Metals

One of the most important things to note is that some metals are more valuable than others. While this can depend on supply and demand economics, specific materials like copper are always highly valued. Having a thorough understanding of the values of various scrap metals sets your business up for success.

Not Separating Your Metals

Forgetting to separate metals is another common mistake to avoid when sorting your scrap metal that could mean making less money when you take it to the scrap yard. For example, copper and non-ferrous metals sell at a higher price. By taking time to sort this out, you make it easier to sell your scrap for a fair amount of money.

Use an industrial magnet or a Moley Magnetics 2 in 1 sorting claw magnet to sort out your metals since this allows you to separate magnetic material from non-magnetic. By separating these, you can sell each for the individual price. If a specific metal has a lower value than expected, hold onto it until prices increase. At Moley Magnetics, you can purchase a scrap yard magnet to keep sorting simple.

Forgetting Scrap Yard Requirements

When it comes to sorting your scrap metal, one of the first things you should do is investigate the scrap yard’s requirements for metal types plus other rules. Next, aim to establish a relationship with a single scrap metal recycling center, so you always understand their recycling rules.

This could differ from company to company, and the best way to get clarification is by contacting the business and asking about what rules they have. For example, some companies may specialize in recycling a specific type of scrap, but others may not be so picky.

Pro Tip

As you establish a relationship with a scrap yard, ensure the business is reputable. A trustworthy recycling company will give you a fair price for your scrap, while also correctly recycling it so others can eventually reuse it.

Make separating your metals easy by purchasing high-powered industrial magnets from Moley Magnetics. Once you’ve expertly separated all your materials, sell them for the best prices. By tracking those profits, you make it simple to reinvest in your business with updated tools and machinery that make tasks easier.