Air Conditioning Theft  | The demand for copper is creating an increase in copper-theft crimes. Theft of air conditioning units has become increasingly popular and is on the rise because of the copper and aluminum contained within them. There’s number one and number two copper, a lot of copper on our air conditioners is number one copper and the ac units will be taken to a local scrapping company.  Scrapping companies are not required to ask where the units came from only to take down the EPA license and Driver’s license. The replacement of a unit wrecked by copper thieves is costly to the homeowner and insurance carriers. The saddest fact of this process is that scrap price vs new installation price is vastly different.  It would not be unheard of for an ac unit someone stole to be scrapped for $50-$100 yet the replacement and repair cost would be $2,500-$4,500. Since these units are outside of the home they are not often considered simply because they are not always seen. Read the article for some recommendations for helping keep your unit from being stolen.

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