Can a circular economy be applied to the Waste and Recycling industry?

While waste management and recycling are global efforts, some areas in the world are ahead of others in setting the tone for the future of the waste and recycling industry. From anaerobic digestion to zero waste initiatives, countries, cities, businesses and foundations are coming up with new and innovative ways to make the concept of a circular economy a reality. Recently, the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation had a kickoff meeting in San Francisco to discuss partnering with various communities to create circular economy cities throughout the U.S. The foundation is focused on expanding the circular economy from the business perspective to the municipal perspective, and it has identified Phoenix as the first city to embrace the circular economy concept. In order to make these circular economy cities work, the U.S. would need to develop collection systems for both the biological and technical nutrients so that everyone can have access to proper infrastructure to ensure that these items are properly recircled back into the economy, says Abbe. To learn more about these international waste and recycling trends and challenges, join Michelle Leonard and Leslie Lukacs of SCS Engineers and Ruth Abbe of Zero Waste USA at the Trends in International Waste & Recycling session at Waste Expo on June 8, 2016.

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