The 350 Derby Ave home was a threat to public health and safety as this two-story structure had a crumbling foundation that caused the structure to lift up some 2 feet. The exposure to the elements brought black mold everywhere. Missing windows opened the structure, which city officials said became a hangout for vagrants and drug activity. In addition, the structure was dangerous and uninhabitable and in imminent danger of collapsing. So, as workers for F. Pepe Construction dug into the home at 350 Derby Ave, they exposed one of the nation’s oldest cemeteries, The Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground, also known as the Colonial Cemetery. The Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground AKA Colonial Cemetery is located near the corner of Derby Avenue & Division Street in Derby, CT. The oldest stone remaining is of Reverend John Bowers 14 June 1687. There are 241 years between the first and last stones placed in this cemetery. The sign was donated and erected by The Derby Historical Society.

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