In the end, it took an Old West method for demolition workers to topple the final tower left standing after a Las Vegas casino implosion. The 13-hour saga came to a close after the building was lassoed with steel cables attached to a crane that then pulled and pulled until the elevator shaft of the Clarion hotel-casino came tumbling down. The 12-story Clarion casino-hotel, which opened its doors in 1970 and was briefly owned by actress Debbie Reynolds, became the 13th hotel to gain implosion infamy in Sin City. Doumani, a developer who purchased the property in October for $22.5 million in cash, plans to build a 60-story hotel tower that could be the tallest occupied building on the Strip. Amanda Dickerson had never stayed at the Clarion or any of its incarnations, but she reveled in its demise early Tuesday morning after traveling from Ripon, Wisconsin, to check an unlikely item off her life’s bucket list: witness a building implosion in person.

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