When you’re working in the scrap metal industry, you need the appropriate equipment to thrive. Some metal items are much heavier than others, making them dangerous or impossible for an individual to lift independently. As long as you’ve got the essential machines and equipment for scrap metal recycling, you’ll have what you need to collect and sort scrap metal.


It’s no secret that metal is heavy, so you will need equipment to help you move it from one end of the warehouse to another. A forklift makes lifting and moving large scraps simple and safe. Proper training also makes daily operations more efficient and safer for everyone on site.


When you work with metal, magnets are one of your greatest assets. Use lifting magnets to gather materials in a scrap yard easily. Attaching this to the crane makes collecting metals simple.

Additionally, scrap yard magnets help you distinguish between aluminum and iron due to iron’s magnetic abilities. As a bonus note, this also enables you to collect steel since it contains iron. At Moley Magnets, you can purchase the necessary magnetic attachments and tools for recycling scrap metal.

Standard Tools

With all the specialized equipment, the need for standard tools may sound out of place, but you always need the basics such as:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand drill
  • Pliers
  • Wrench

Deconstructing some metal items is easiest done by hand. When you add these bare basics to your scrap yard, you ensure you have more of what you need to succeed. These tools may also help you obtain metal from specific sources or items.

Wire Stripper

Some cables and wiring have a copper core, and you need to remove the outer cover to obtain the material. You can’t rely on wire cutters and razors to get the job done, as both are inefficient. A wire stripper removes this coating quickly to make the workday more efficient.


You will need a reciprocating saw and an abrasive saw to cut up large pieces of metal. While a reciprocating saw is great for precisely cutting through nearly any material, an abrasive saw is your best bet for completing a big job.

You can buy many of the essential machines and equipment for scrap metal recycling from Moley Magnets. Remember to take the time to properly train employees on how to use each of these tools to prevent mishaps. Keep your scrap yard functioning efficiently with the best equipment.