Grapples, Magnets, Shears for the Demolition & Scrap Industry.

The manufacturing industry has provided the scrap recycling industry with a wide range of attachments to meet a variety of handling needs. Grapples come in all shapes and sizes to lift scrap metal and tires; magnets move ferrous scrap; buckets move finer scrap particles; mobile shears cut metal and tire scrap; and crushers pulverize scrap concrete block. And through simple hydraulic controls on the scrap handler, attachments can be opened and close.

Grapples There are many grapple designs on the market today, including orange-peel, tulip, log, and narrow-tine types.

Magnets Every ferrous scrap processor needs a magnet, and Ginsburg will also say that is a true statement. A hybrid attachment that is a relative newcomer to the industry, but has been on the market for several years, is the magnet-grapple.

Magnet-Grapple Combos This configuration combines the tines of a standard orange-peel grapple with the capability of a round lifting magnet.

Mobile Shears The shear normally works off the scrap handler’s existing hydraulics, so no special equipment is needed. Mobile shears can be as small as an attachment for a skid steer, or they can be heavy-duty models

Crushers While a crusher is mainly used for demolition, scrap recyclers can use them to break up reinforced concrete to get at the rebar.

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