Grapples, Magnets, Shears for the Demolition & Scrap Industry.

The manufacturing industry has provided the scrap recycling industry with a wide range of attachments to meet a variety of handling needs. Grapples come in all shapes and sizes to lift scrap metal and tires; magnets move ferrous scrap; buckets move finer scrap particles; mobile shears cut metal and tire scrap; and crushers pulverize scrap concrete block. And through simple hydraulic controls on the scrap handler, attachments can be opened and close.

Grapples We offer a full line of grapples, including orange-peel, 4-tine, 5-tine, 6-tine, demolition, excavator, material handler, truck railroad, truck-crane, and rock grapples.

Magnets Every ferrous scrap processor needs a magnet, and we’ve got them!  Battery powered, fully enclosed hydraulic magnets, self-contained crane magnets, 24-volt magnets, sorting claw magnets, skids steer magnets, and a full line of 230-volt ESM magnets.

Magnet-Grapple Combos No generator is needed with the Moley 24V Magnet Grapple because it runs off of a 24-volt battery.  We also sell 230-volt magnet grapples that combine the tines of standard orange peel grapples with the capability of a round lifting magnet, and runs off a generator.

Mobile Shears and Alligator Shears Our shears are ideal for scrap, demo, and recycling.

Crushers While a crusher is mainly used for demolition, scrap recyclers can use them to break up reinforced concrete to get at the rebar.

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