Scrap Purchasing App Designed for iPad & Android

A purchasing program app designed for iPads and other tablets has been designed especially for buyers of scrap commodities and California Redemption Value (CRV) materials, says Avraham Farzan, the Southern California-based entrepreneur who has designed and is marketing JPOP.

The JPOP scrap purchasing program has been “made by an engineer and recycler with simplicity, profitability and creativity in mind,” says Avraham Farzan. In addition, JPOP is the least expensive software with the most advanced technology in the world.

JOP includes several features, such as: JPOP works with iPad and android operated both 7 (mini) and 10 inches pads, JPOP works with all air-print printers available in the market such as Brother, HP and Epson for check printing and JPOP can be integrated to quick book for complete bookkeeping records, JPOP creates daily logs for CRV as well as non ferrous to be reported to Police Department for Metal Theft Protection as well as JPOP is a paperless. You can text or email the receipt/purchase order, inventory, shipping report, daily log right from iPad and save all the data in cloud storage.

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