Millard Fillmore Hospital Demolition

In the moments leading up to the implosion of the former Millard Fillmore Hospital (Buffalo, NY), some of the nearly thousand or so spectators packed into a public viewing pen on Delaware Avenue near West Delavan erupted into spontaneous song: the Buffalo Bills trademark Shout! Trombetto, who has been in nursing for 33 years, left her overnight shift at Catholic Health System a few minutes early for a goodbye toast to The Millard with nursing colleagues Jackie Gallagher, Patty Frank and an old bottle of Great Western champagne. They can blow up the building, but they can’t blow up the Millard because the Millard is in every one of us. We wanted to see the building come down, said Mc Mahon, of North Buffalo. The sophomore Buffalo State art history major, who had reconstructive hand surgery in the hospital a decade ago, woke up at 4:30 a.m. to see a building tumble down. Crews used 500 pounds of explosives to take down the building and plenty of cameras were around to capture the seconds it took to fully crumble. View Video Here:

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