BTF Scrap Metal is owned and operated by Brandon Ford on Hwy 980 in Rio Vista, Texas.

Brandon recently opened up his yard in February 2013. He started out in the scrap business while working with his father in the Heavy Machinery moving business and began to scrap machines that were no longer in use. He continues to work with his father during the week and operates his scrap yard on the weekends. He is the only scrap yard in his area that is open on the weekends and his business began to grow. Brandon’s only piece of equipment he runs is a Kubota KH1613 Mini Excavator with a thumb attachments. He recently Added a Moley Magnetics 24 Volt Scrap Magnet (ESB 26 Battery operated Magnet system) that requires no Generator, easy to install, with 75% duty Cycle to that machine for versatility, Ease of operation,  unloading Independent loads, loading clean material to go to mills and keeping the yard clean of material.