Kristi Dellaria, the owner of Bella Homes, got her start in the housing industry flipping old homes. Credit: Carlos Ortiz/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

Women are starting to make their mark on the local housing market, especially since the industry has picked up after the recession. Times have indeed changed, said Rick Herman, CEO of Rochester Home Builders’ Association. When he started at his position at the builders’ group 17 years ago, only one of the group’s members was a woman. Now, more women leading building companies.

One of the companies featured is Bella Homes, led by Kristi Dellaria. Dellaria started the company while working full-time as a mortgage broker. Back then, she was simply remodeling old homes and flipping them. Eventually though, her reputation spread and people building new homes began to seek her design skill.

About Bella Homes
Dellaria’s reputation grew, and people sought her out when they were building homes. Now Bella Homes has made the jump from remodeling business to home construction business and is making its debut at Homearama, back this year after a three-year hiatus.

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