Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns.  It’s all we’ve heard and seen for the last two years from the political arena on radio shows, network news programs, and social media.  Nauseous yet?  Hands in the air…wave them around…like you just don’t (we care—don’t we)?  I think we all know someone that values this time like it is their “Super Bowl” (if you will), and how they are able to center in through the “Chicago” (musical) razzle-dazzle to hear the progression of key words, see the developing social patterns, and pinpoint the underlined strategy at play.  It’s really not about a person, is it?  It is really about a brand (which in the political arena looks like a human, sounds like a political party).  In the product and service marketing world, it looks like an entity or logo and hopefully feels and acts human.

Lucky for us in the marketing world, we’re able to start, edit and end campaigns all the time.  We determine their strategy and their lifecycle (although sometimes they can take on a new lifecycle of their own, depending on the success of them).  Unfortunately for most of us in the marketing world, we do not have a politician’s unlimited contributions or the marketing budget of an oil company to launch every good idea.  That is why it is so very important to always be engaged with the entire sales team—all the time.  There cannot be great creation from a “vacuum” approach.  Like Hugh Laurie’s character in the Fox television show, House MD, even the genius needs to be inspired or lead to inspiration (sometimes) by a mentor, colleagues, a customer, or even–a competitor.

Collaboration.  No, not that college kind, please!  True collaboration, which comes from vested characters working with mutual respect and support to achieve a purposeful, common objective.  The marketing team wants to bring about a great visual that is engaging, and informative, leading to a campaign that will attract the attention of management and its peers.  The sales team wants to be able to utilize that campaign in many forms to draw in sales opportunities, build integrity in new and existing relationships, adding cash flow to their income, and ultimately reaching or exceeding the sales goals set before them.

The “Issues” at hand, since I’ve gone all political, that we are centering our collaborative skills on right now are listed below.  Moley Magnetics, Inc. wants to get that very inspiration to make all of these a dynamic reality, now and in the very near future:

  1. Increase brand awareness across two divisions.
  2. The next evolution of the Moley Magnetics, Inc. website or websites.
  3. Supportive, new literature developed for sales personnel.
  4. Supportive application(s) developed to assist the sales personnel.
  5. International brand exploration.

We’re building a brand here at Moley Magnetics, Inc.  Every day.  In every conversation, Tweet, post, blog, and literature piece.  We are fortunate that what we do, what we say, and the visuals that represent Moley Magnetics, Inc. are the direct result of fantastic human beings at every level that have the integrity and reliability in products and services to match whatever we come up with!

I’m Mark Kuligowski and I approve of this message—and any and all of the ideas that will be coming our way in the marketing department from anywhere, in any of the industries we call our family of customers!

Join me, Mark Kuligowsk, Director of Marketing for
“Motivated by Moley”

The first week of every month, pontificating, educating, realizing, contemplating and…just getting it out there!