Motivated By Moley: Moving…Always

I won’t lie.  I don’t lie, in case you may have wondered if I am one of those marketing spinsters who just uses words for effect, disregarding the truth in them.  So, truth be told, there is a strange uneasiness as I personally prepare for the move into the new corporate headquarters of Moley Magnetics, Inc.  That very same structure that will be the home of our new corporate offices, the new, vast machine shop with our legendary service, and the expansive warehouse of our versatile line of attachment and equipment product lines, was, in fact, the very same building that housed 16 years of my own professional marketing, sales and management upbringing and experiences. (more…)

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Motivated by Moley: Campaigning…for Moley Magnetics

Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns.  It’s all we’ve heard and seen for the last two years from the political arena on radio shows, network news programs, and social media.  Nauseous yet?  Hands in the air…wave them around…like you just don’t (we care—don’t we)?  I think we all know someone that values this time like it is their “Super Bowl” (if you will), and how they are able to center in through the “Chicago” (musical) razzle-dazzle to hear the progression of key words, see the developing social patterns, and pinpoint the underlined strategy at play.  It’s really not about a person, is it?  It is really about a brand (which in the political arena looks like a human, sounds like a political party).  In the product and service marketing world, it looks like an entity or logo and hopefully feels and acts human. (more…)

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Moley Magnetics is proud to announce our new partnership with John Crane in New York State! More information coming soon! Please contact us at