I won’t lie.  I don’t lie, in case you may have wondered if I am one of those marketing spinsters who just uses words for effect, disregarding the truth in them.  So, truth be told, there is a strange uneasiness as I personally prepare for the move into the new corporate headquarters of Moley Magnetics, Inc.  That very same structure that will be the home of our new corporate offices, the new, vast machine shop with our legendary service, and the expansive warehouse of our versatile line of attachment and equipment product lines, was, in fact, the very same building that housed 16 years of my own professional marketing, sales and management upbringing and experiences.

It’s not the in trepidation of the ghosts of memories, or The God Father references of being “pulled back in.”  In fact, I actually feel blessed to have the opportunity to see the building become born again into a new business and manufacturing model.  It was 1992, when we took the same undertaking Moley Magnetics, Inc. is doing right now—the stressful duty of “moving.”  The daunting task of continuing to service and function at all levels for your customers, while lifting an entire operational facility from one building to another.  The high wire act of balancing your own workers and schedules with that of outside contractors and business services against the age old enemy–time.  You have no possible choice physically or mentally but to remain in constant movement.  But, it doesn’t become that daunting when you realize that you’ve always—really—been in motion.

For Moley Magnetics, Inc. it started with the repair ethic and desire of John Moley to satisfy his customers.  Then, it just got bigger, because of his own passion for constant motion; in partnerships, as well as his obvious keen dedication to repair solutions.  Then it moved to the brainstorm, day-dream-like phase where a simple machining barn morphed into a truly dynamic, hardcore corporate facility.  Then, to the days of labor intensive disassembling of cranes and equipment, getting it all from flatbeds to their rightful, new position.  All of it done by the passionate and truly moving motion and motivation of our machine shop professionals at the end of long shifts or straight on into the weekend.

The weeks behind, and week ahead, speak volumes about the tenacity of movement within every important department of the company.  The attention to agendas–both for ourselves–and how it pertains to our customer’s repair or product shipments is priority in motion.  We are all in constant motion.  Our sales people have more than just physical wheels on their vehicles turning!  They turn the wheel of scheduling and thought process, balancing the cultivation of our family of customers, while tirelessly pressing and impressing every possible business prospect.

The management team continues to press on with more commitment to motion, like sharks in open water.  The Attachments & Equipment Division has already welcomed new salesman, David Koch, and moved Jeff Seavers into the title of National Sales Manager this week.  They know that business doesn’t come to those who wait for it to come calling.  They know that relationships are built on truthful assurances based on the very movement and motivation that makes them a reality.

Wow, I feel better now.  Don’t you?  And, away we go!