Moley Magnetics, Inc. Enters Strategic Private Label Partnership with Minelli s.r.l. of Italy.

Moley Magnetics and Minelli s.r.l. Form Partnership Focusing on A Full-Line of Grapples, including Demolition Grapples, Orange Peel Grapples, as well as Magnet Grapples.

BUFFALO, NY | APRIL 10, 2014 – Moley Magnetics, Inc. is a 20 year knowledgeable and dependable manufacturer and supplier who features three main product lines: magnets, shears & grapples. In addition to electromagnets, Moley has expanded their company to include specialty services, such as, custom fabrication, machining, VFD programming and panel building. Moley Magnetics, Inc. continues to offer the scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling, and distribution industry the best performing, most reliable electromagnets, accessories and repairs on the market.

Minelli s.r.l. is a specialist in the manufacture of hydraulic equipment to handle bulk materials, and in particular for the scrap, environmental and recycling sectors. All of Minelli s.r.l. products are fully manufactured in their plant, located in Cazzago San Martino Brescia, Italy. This fact, combined with the use of CNC machines, has led Minelli s.r.l. to have direct control over all the stages along the manufacturing process, which results in enhanced quality and flexible production. Minelli s.r.l. is the first company to be awarded the “Hardox” certification for its orange-peel grabs.

In this partnership, Minelli s.r.l. will produce a wide range of private label grapple solutions for Moley Magnetics, Inc. that will enable the scrap, environmental, recycling, demolition, railroad, among other industries to solve any challenges for handling different materials. This strategic private label partnership represents a good opportunity for incremental volume to better leverage Moley Magnetics, Inc. & Minelli s.r.l. manufacturing operations and drive additional operational efficiencies through their production and supply chain. Minelli s.r.l. have chosen the best commercial partner in the industry – Moley Magnetics, Inc. – a company name that is synonymous with quality and professional reliability. To learn more about Moley Private Label Grapple solutions, visit

About Moley Magnetics, Inc.
Moley Magnetics, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier who offers a complete inventory of magnets, shears, grapples, track pads, as well as specialty services such as rebuilding, fabrication and maintenance. We provide our full-line of inventory to the scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling, and distribution industry, among others. From new products to repairs, Moley is here for our customers. Let us, help you.

About Minelli s.r.l.
The Minelli s.r.l. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment such as grapples, polyps, pliers, clamshell buckets and everything that relates to the handling of bulk materials and scrap in general. Located in the province of Brescia, Italy, an area historically important for the manufacture of iron and metals, Minelli s.r.l. has developed over the years a great deal of experience in the field, which combined with the desire to innovate has enabled Minelli s.r.l. to develop a range of technically advanced products and of the highest quality.

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