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Heavy-Duty Grapples

Moley Magnetics is the industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance excavator grapple attachments. Our catalog includes magnet grapples, clamshell attachments, material handling grapples, and more heavy-duty grapple attachments to suit the needs of any customer in any industry.

Each of our excavator grapple attachments is constructed with HARDOX and WELDOX certified steel and offers a 24-month warranty. By using the highest-quality steel available, our grapples are built to stand the test of time.

  • Orange Peel Grapples – four- to five-ton material handling grapples with diameter sizes ranging from ¼ to 2.5 yards.
  • Magnet Grapples – Our design allows for full capacity of the grapple, coupled with the convenience of a built-in magnet
  • Demo – HARDOX-built excavator demo grapples with 24-month warranty
  • Railroad – Butt or bypass tie grapples for excavators or material handling trucks

Download Brochure:  2021 Moley Magnetics –  Grapples Brochure

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