Magnet Generator Systems

Moley Magnetics offers DC and AC Magnet generator systems. Whether you need hydraulic, diesel or belt driven systems, we have time-tested, dependable, easy to maintain magnet generator systems.

  • Hydraulic Magnet Generators – Moley MagStar hydraulic driven generators from 5KW to 30 KW
  • Belt Driven Magnet Generators – Moley MagStar magnet generators can be belt-driven, and many of them are compatible with GTS systems
  • Diesel Magnet Generators – Moley MagStar Diesel generators are driven by 4-cylinder liquid-cooled Kubota engines
  • Moley MagStar Magnet Generators – Sorting functions, several preset operating modes, self-diagnosis of generator/controller issues.

If you are looking to purchase a magnet generator system or require repairs on one that you already own, call Moley Magnetics today to learn about our services and offerings.

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