For material handling, Stokkermill produces different types of conveyor belts in various sizes and configurations.

The standard tapes are made by using aluminum profiles that allow to create light, still rigid and robust structures.

Generally, the main structure is equipped with a horizontal part that functions as a container for the materials.

The system rests on a pilot rotating frame that allows easy movement of the unit and a height adjustment of about 30-40 cm (depending on the model), in order to perfectly adapt to the needs of the final user.

The tapes of the NST series can be made with a magnetic deferrization drum placed at the upper end. The NST tapes can be equipped with magnetic Over-Belt separators and with vibrating planes that allow to uniformly distribute the materials subjected to magnetic or electrostatic separation.

All belts are available with the speed control system and the START / STOP dialogue device.

In addition to the aluminum series, Stokkermill also makes custom-made belts in heavy carpentry for heavy loads and uses.

Stokkermill NST conveyor belts are used in industrial sectors, in agriculture, in recycling and in food companies.

NST-2000 ALLNST-3000 ALLNST-4000 ALLNST-5000 ALL
Power0,4 kW0,4 kW0,4 kW0,4 kW
Weight120 kg220 kg300 kg400 kg
Dimensions2900 x 500 x 1600 mm3300 x 800 x 1900 mm3700 x 800 x 2000 mm4800 x 800 x 2400 mm
Roller100 - 300 mm100 - 500 mm100 - 500 mm100 - 500 mm