Features of the TURBO series:

  • Possibility of treating small-diameter cables without the need for expensive sorting operations of the material to be treated (extremely thin cables, standard and large diameter cables can be treated together)
  • Easy to use
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Silent performance thanks to the Silent Technology system
  • Reduced maintenance times
  • Low operating costs
  • Do not require forced cooling

Product description

The granulators of the Stokkermill TURBO series are equipped with a cell refiner downstream of the blade grinding mill and are available in three models with outputs from 170 to 400 kg/h. The presence of the TURBO cell refiner allows the processing of small-diameter cables (including telephone cables and data cables or capillaries), without the need of changing the processing grid or perform costly manual activities to separate the material to be treated. Particularly robust and reliable, they allow the treatment of copper, aluminum and copper-aluminum radiators thanks to the robust grinding mills with 3 rotating blades. The Stokkermill TURBO granulators do not require forced cooling systems thanks to the generous sizing of all process components, transport pipes and material dosing cyclones. TURBO granulators can be connected to the pre-shredders of the PS or CRS series by means of an NST series conveyor, in order to constitute a complete recycling line.

SM – 2000TSM – 3000TSM – 4000T
Power26 - 32 kW38 - 42 kW52 kW
Input production170 – 250 kg/h250 – 350 kg/h300 – 400 kg/h
Weight1850 kg2250 kg2400 kg
Dimensions3070x1680x3450 mm3070x1750x3450 mm3350x1750x3490 mm