• The new entry-level compact wire granulator for copper and aluminium cables with external filtration system
  • High-purity output materials
  • High-grade components: Siemens motors,SKF bearings, Schneider components for the control panel
  • Recover copper and aluminum fine metal fraction from densimetric separation system
  • Affordable price and minimal maintenance / 24 months warranty

Product description

*The first entry-level compact granulator with external filtration system *

These are the newest entry-level granulators in our range, however, we’ve designed K-S series keeping the same quality like other Stokkermill Cable granulators. We kept the same generous size of the densimetric separation table and the mill size. Thanks to the high-grade components, K-85S and K-130S show impressive performance! We use Siemens electric motors and SKF bearings and Schneider components for the control panel. Of course, we kept the airflow setting dial and the revers mill system on the control panel. Stokkermill K-S series cable granulators also come with an external filtration system of the capacity of 25sqm, therefore, it’s incredibly efficient to operate without stopping to clean the machine so often. Like other range of Stokkermill’s granulators, the mill has three rotating blades and two reversible stationary blades with the possibility of varying the classifier screen according to the material to be treated. The airflow is managed by an inverter located on the control panel. Also, there is a reversal and unlocking system of the mill in case of excessive loading due to operator error.

The production capacity of K-85S is 80-100 kg/ h, K-130S is 100-130kg/h refers to the input material. However, depending on the customer needs, both granulators are designed for the installation of a turbo unit to process even thin/data cables and increase production capacity. It can be added a PS series pre-shredder and an NST series conveyor belt with magnet pulley. Both machines are extremely easy to operate, low-maintenance required. It is a great opportunity to start your cable recycling business and get high-purity copper with minimum investment and easy maintenance.

Power8,5 kW13 kw
Input Production80 - 100 kg/h100-130kg/h
Weight750 kg950 kg
Dimensions1060x1700x2000 mm1060x1700x2000 mm