Tilt-Rotators: Standard/Quick

Maximize your working potential by saving time with Tilt-Rotators. Tilt-Rotators
allow operators to move the excavator less by positioning the attachment through
tilting or rotating rather than moving the excavator.

Available in two versions: Standard or Quick Connect.

Standard: Features a rotator that is
directly connected to the attachment,
with ¾” lines, 37 GPM at 4,800 PSI
available for the attachment.

Quick Connect: Features a rotator
that has a custom built connection
to the stick and link, a Quick couple
attachment point, ¾” lines, 24 GPM
at 4,800 PSI for each control. The
selection is electric but the operation
is hydraulic allowing for proportional
control of the attachment.

• 14-24 TON Machine
• Hydraulic Flow up to 78 GPM
• 12/24 VOLT Solenoid