Wire Granulators – Turbo

Copper Wire Granulators – Turbo – Low to Medium Size Production (including fine wires)

Copper Wire Granulator Systems granulate copper, coils and aluminum which allow you to maximize profits. Copper Wire Granulators range in production from 250 to 2600 lb/hr. These products allow owners to easily add value and upgrade material. Our equipment is modular in nature therefore parts and pieces can be added to create higher product processing value.

• Models: 2000 Turbo | 3000 Turbo | 4000 Turbo
• Increase productivity of a granulator mill by 20-30%
• Thin cables (i.e., data and telephonic cables, e-waste harness)
• Pre-shredded copper-aluminum coils and radiators
• Production range of 375-880 lb/hr