Pre-Shredders: PS Series

Standard Size Pre-Shredder

The Stokkermill Single Shaft Pre-Shredders are designed for reduction of various materials into a more desirable or useful size.

Stokkermill Pre-Shredders can be used for crushing copper/aluminum insulated wires or for grinding rubber, plastics, wood, composites and paper.

Operation is controlled via a PLC and a hydraulic pusher that adjusts the feed rate of the type of material. They can be used individually or integrated with other Stokkermill non-ferrous products.

• Models: PS-400/150 | PS-500/260R
• Models: PS-800/260R | PS-800/380R | PS-1200/300R
• Adjustable hydraulic ram
• Reduces wire & cables into a more useful size
• Used for crushing and cutting insulated wires
• Other Uses: rubber, plastics, wood, composites and paper

Product description