Demolition sites are busy places. You have the workers, the building set to be demolished and dismantled, and the tools, equipment, and heavy machinery the workers need to do it. As busy as these sites may be, there’s still room for one more crucial piece of equipment: an industrial scrap magnet. Eminently familiar to those in the recycling industry, this specialized heavy-duty scrap lifting magnet can also find a great deal of use on demolition jobs. There are very good reasons to have an industrial scrap magnet at your demolition site. If your arsenal of demolition equipment doesn’t yet include electromagnets, here’s why it should.

Less Work, More Savings

Demolition is messy work—there’s no way around that. What you can do is speed up the process. You may have heard the expression “many hands make light work.” In other words, by having more people available to complete a task, the workload is distributed into much smaller quotients among workers than it would have been were one person to do all the work alone; thus, a difficult task that is divided into enough parts becomes an easy one.

Whoever coined this phrase never had to hire a demolition crew. While it is true that many hands make light work, it can take a lot of costly and experienced hands to sort through steel. An industrial scrap magnet will do the hard work of identifying and separating scrap metal at a demolition site, allowing you to reallocate your resources to other tasks that may require more of a human touch. An electromagnet is a worthy investment for your firm when you consider the savings you can enjoy and pass on. By reducing or replacing a pickup crew with an industrial scrap magnet, you can slash your labor costs. With lower labor expenses, you can pass those savings on to your clients, allowing you to bid more competitively for demolition jobs. By coming in with more winning bids, you’ll have more work—and with a high-powered electromagnet from Moley Magnetics as part of the team, it truly is lighter work for all.

Magnets Aid in Recycling—Recycling Aids in New Business

When we speak of the green implications of deploying electromagnets in demolition, we’re not just talking about the cash. The byproducts of a demolition job have to go somewhere, but in many instances, the last place they should go is the landfill. With the challenges our planet faces in preserving its natural resources against the expensive and deleterious process of resource extraction, we need to reuse everything we can and keep those materials in circulation. The primacy of global sustainability gives you many reasons to have an industrial scrap magnet at your demolition site.

Separating metals from a demolition site facilitates recycling in several ways. Easily separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals from a demolition project makes it easier to send these metals to the scrapyard, where you can return them for cash. As your magnets remove metals from demolition sites and leave the rest behind, remember that even non-metallic building materials, such as concrete, masonry, and plastic, are recyclable in their own ways. Disused concrete from on-site pavement needn’t go to the landfill—industrial compactors can reduce this concrete back to aggregate for future concrete production or repurpose it for new asphalt roads.

When it comes to iron and steel, the ferrous metals, don’t expect to pay too much per pound for what you have—steel scrap tends to trade at around $0.10 a pound in good times—but such drop-offs could pay off in the long run. By building a reliable relationship with a scrapyard, you may be able to secure better rates on what you return. The real money in recycling is in the non-ferrous metals: aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and zinc, to name a few. Because of their desirable properties such as high malleability, high ductility, and resistance to corrosion, the non-ferrous metals are much more valuable commodities than iron and steel. Once you’ve separated the permanently magnetic ferrous metals from the pile, now’s the time to deploy your crew to look over the metals that you can lucratively salvage. The importance of recycling to the state of our planet is rarely lost on prospective clients. By making it clear that the results of your demolition work are not bound for the landfill but will be recycled and reused as much as possible, you’ll secure more new business.

Of course, recycling isn’t all about the money—certainly not at ten cents a pound. The global ramifications of failing to reduce energy and material consumption have never been clearer—nor direr. Whether we’re corporations, consumers, or anyone in between, we all face greater responsibilities to the Earth than we have ever faced before. By being involved in construction and demolition—both of which involve resource-heavy tasks—those responsibilities are high. There is thus as much an ethical imperative as a fiduciary imperative to reduce the waste involved in demolition projects. Efficient sorting of scrap and other demolition materials greatly facilitates that waste reduction. Implementing industrial scrap magnets on job sites isn’t just the smart thing to do or the lucrative thing to do—it’s the right thing to do.

Get Equipped With Moley

Moley Magnetics is a leading supplier of electromagnets for recyclers, construction crews, and demolition crews. As you’ll see from our catalog, there is no shortage of choices for electromagnets to use on your job sites. However, if we were to make a recommendation for the often-tight quarters of demolition jobs, we would speak highly of our selection of fully enclosed hydraulic magnets, which offer the power you demand from your electromagnet, but with increased versatility. When hydraulics power the magnet’s own generator, you don’t have to worry about attaching your magnet to an independent power source. This allows your electromagnet to get to hard-to-reach spots where generator access is not available, or when other equipment on the site is shutting out your access to the generator. Easily attaching to your excavator with in-cab controls, a hydraulic magnet is often the industrial scrap magnet your demolition site calls for. Look around today and find the equipment you need.



Reasons To Have an Industrial Scrap Magnet at Your Demolition Site